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Renew your subscription

Subscriptions are no longer available for this product.

SmoothPay Blue (this product) is retiring in March 2019 and is being replaced by your choice of SmoothPay Gold desktop payroll for Windows and Mac, and our latest online product goPayroll - both are available right now and supported for 7 countries.

You should arrange to have your data migrated to one of our newer products before 1 December 2018.

A migration fee of $145 will apply for data migrations after that date (with the exception of Harcourts/HAPI users).

Harcourt's sites using HAPI can purchase an interim renewal for SmoothPay Blue or HAPI by paying the invoice sent to you 6 weeks before expiry (please call if you can't find that invoice and we'll send you a copy). HAPI online will be available for production use by the end of January 2019.


For Small Business

$270 / year
Up to 24 Staff
Add extra Companies in your Group*
Telephone Support and Training


For Bigger Business

$510 / year
Unlimited Staff
Unlimited Companies in your Group*
Telephone Support and Training


For Enterprise and Bureau

$708 / year
Unlimited Staff
Unlimited Companies
Telephone Support and Training

A group* is considered to be any company you own or control

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